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About Quaichs



The Quaich is a uniquely Scottish device, and part of Scottish culture. As such, it is also appreciated by Americans and Canadians of Scottish descent or affiliation. Although its primary purpose today is associated with the consumption of whiskey, the Quaich has been used as both an eating, drinking and toasting vessel for hundreds of years. It was commonly used in Scotland to toast and welcome visitors. First constructed of wood, its evolution to pewter, silver and even gold has distinguished the Quaich as a fine piece of craftsmanship. Over time, the Quaich has found a place in many ceremonial events, such as weddings, christenings and Robert Burn’s Suppers. It can be found in personal collections and at the center of the coffee table as ornamentation in the home. And it has maintained its essence of purpose for the simple enjoyment and sharing among friends. It is no wonder that it is also known as the Scottish “Loving Cup” or “Cup of Friendship”.

Sláinte! or "Health!" to you in Traditional Gaelic Style.