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Quaichs (Scottish Toasting Cups)

The Quaich is the traditional Scottish drinking and toasting cup, also known as the "Scottish Loving Cup" or "Cup of Friendship". The word Quaich comes from the gaelic word "cuach", meaning cup. Traditionally, it was used as both an eating and drinking cup. It is believed to date back to at least the 16th century, when it was given by King James VI of Scotland, to Anne of Denmark as a wedding gift. Bonnie Prince Charlie also carried a Quaich as part of an ornately decorated canteen set.

The Quaich is an appropriate gift for any occasion or ceremonious event, and surely to become a family heirloom. We offer Quaichs with one-of-a-kind knot work handles and beautifully polished pewter, with Plain, Celtic Trim, Brass Rim, Celtic Circle, Claddagh, Glass Bottom designs and Heathergems made of Natural Scottish Heather.

Each Quaich comes gift boxed with a Quaich story card. All measurements are approximate, made in the U.K.